It's Dubai & it's Croquet.

A game of skill, underhanded compliments and filthily polite smack talk.

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The 2023 Croquet Season is Upon Us

It's serious. It's time to play with some balls.

Croquet is basically the best thing since sliced bread. If you disagree, stop reading.

The 2023 Clements Cup

Season Opener - 18th February

It's so on. Game-time mallet fans. Get those whites starched and cravats oiled.

Clements Cup Trophy

OMG Stop it already, lets do this

"I'm excited, I'm limbered up AND I look fabulous in white.

Show me the money baby, where do I sign up....?"

Photo of Dubai Croquet Club Captain

"After our humble and wildly successful victory at the 2021 Clements Cup, we cannot wait to see how this season plays out"

The Captain
Chairperson, Captain & Generally General Glorious Leader
Two gentlemen playing croquet

“Theres nothing like the feeling of some real wood in your paws”

George Clooney & Bradley Pitt
Tequila salesman & buddy
Carla Rogers & Leo Di Caprio discussing their croquet strategy

"We love croquet so much we dress up to discuss our game plan"

Cate Blanchett & Leonado Di Caprio
Undercover Austrailian & a tweed suit wearing friend

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